Unique catering ideas that you can apply to your wedding

The day you walk down the aisle is one of the most magical moments in your life. Weddings are special events where both you and your groom’s families and friends gather to see you start a new chapter of your lives as a couple. Thus, it’s important to plan out every detail of the event carefully. One of the things that makes a memorable wedding is having delicious food served during the reception. Your guests will remember the food as much as they will remember the blushing bride and the dashing groom. A unique wedding catering idea will take care of that.


Wedding Catering


If you’re getting married soon or know someone who’s about to tie the knot, check out these catering ideas for your upcoming shindig:

Street food

Want to give your guests a fun dining experience? A street food menu is a unique way to serve food while allowing the guests to choose what food they want to eat. Guests will mingle around food stands and choose from a wide array of authentic street food inspired by iconic international dishes around the world.

You can go for Mexican, American, Italian, Australian, or French street food. This wedding catering idea is perfect for people who love to travel the world or those who appreciate a quick and easy grub.

Bowl food

Forget about the traditional large and heavy plates during reception. For a unique twist to your wedding meal, try serving bowl food. It’s just as its name suggests – sumptuous dishes served in beautiful bowls from food stations or buffet.

The good thing about bowl food is that it helps guests manage their food portions. Plus, it’s a one-of-a-kind idea that will surely leave an impression on your guests. There are only select event catering Melbourne companies that offer this, though.

Carvery buffet

If you’re a fan of meat and salads, a carvery buffet might be the perfect wedding catering idea for you. Start the meal with a shared platter of entrée. For the main dish, choose from different kinds of roast meat – beef, pork, chicken, or lamb, then pair that up with fresh artisan salads and sides. Finish the meal with a delectable dessert buffet as a sweet ending to that savory meal.

It is just like a weekend barbecue session with your family and friends, except that it’s more special (and fancier) because it’s your wedding day.

Shared platter

If your wedding ceremony is an intimate event with only the closest, tight-knit family and friends, a shared platter might work well. In this option, the entrée, main dish, and dessert are served in platters with various food options.

This will give your guests more food choices and allow them to interact with each othe

r while enjoying their meal. It’s perfect for small, intimate weddings where sharing is fun and enjoyable. If you live in Yarra Valley, contact your local Yarra Valley wedding catering service.

Each wedding is unique, and serving delicious food that complements the theme of your special day will make it a hundred times more memorable. One of the most trusted Yarra Valley catering services, Essential Caterer, will ensure that your menu is just as unique as your love story. For more details, visit at https://essentialcaterer.com.au/wedding-catering-melbourne/.